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Red Dead Redemption Sequel Teased Again

written by Jason Marcano October 17, 2016

Red Dead Redemption 2 Inevitable

Yesterday the world woke up expecting a normal, lazy Sunday. We rose out of bed, grabbed our coffee, tapped our smartphone screens, and checked our news and social media feeds. Then, if you were like most people, you did a spit take when you saw what Rockstar tweeted. Were they teasing a sequel to Red Dead Redemption? They had to be, right?

If you’re anything like me, or the millions of fans of Rockstar’s Red Dead series, then you probably studied that picture trying to find some hidden Easter egg, but to no avail. There wasn’t anything hidden in that logo redesign, and for a moment I believed that’s all it would end up being.

Today, Rockstar has tweeted again, and this time there is no doubt that they are in fact teasing a sequel to Red Dead Redemption. I mean just look at it, it has to be. Right?

They tweeted the mysterious image at 8AM, the same time they posted the first yesterday. Also, like with the first tweet, afterwards we have radio silence from Rockstar Games.

At this point it’s obvious that they are in fact teasing Red Dead Redemption 2, which would be the third in the series of Red Dead games. Nothing else is known however, and what little we can glean from the image above is: There are seven characters on screen. These are either main characters, or represent an online aspect to the game. Given the success of GTA online, we shouldn’t be surprised that Rockstar wishes to incorporate such a feature into Red Dead Redemption.

Well geeks, a trailer just has to be on the way soon, has to be. Do you think this could be anything other than Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know in the comments below and stick with DHTG as we will be monitoring this situation as it develops.

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