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Red Dwarf Fan’s LEGO Creation Could Become Official Set

written by Ali L May 29, 2016

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One Red Dwarf fan’s passion project may become a reality thanks to the LEGO Ideas platform that let’s people vote for custom set ideas they’d like to see and then makes them happen. Several notable cult classic sets have won in the past and are now available for purchase, including Dr. Who, Ghostbusters, and even The Big Bang Theory.

Dr. Who LEGO set

Right now there are currently more than five thousand potential projects up for vote on the LEGO Ideas website, many of which have thousands of votes. Some are merely artistic renderings of the would-be sets, but few, like Red Dwarf set creator Leigh Hadfield, have the design experience and inspiration to customize an actual set prototype. Hadfield felt inspired to create the set after he took a job with TT Games designing LEGO Nintendo Games. The Red Dwarf set currently only has 600 supporters but will luckily be around to vote for until sometime in April of 2017 so there’s still plenty of time.

Check out this awesome work and support the project if you’d like to help Hadfield make his Red Dwarf set a reality for us all! And if you’re a devoted Dwarfer like I am you may be interested to know a Red Dwarf Live show is currently in the works in the mind of show co-creator Doug Naylor.

Red Dwarf LEGO set

Red Dwarf LEGO set 2

Red Dwarf scutters LEGO

What do you think, do you want to see this Red Dwarf set produced for mass consumption and what set would you like to see created? Let us know!

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