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Red Dwarf Live Show in the Works!

written by Ali L May 17, 2016

After the recent release this month of a very short trailer announcing the impending premiers of Seasons XI and XII later this year and into 2017 on the Dave channel, Red Dwarf fans are more than elated to see the re-booted series continuing. However, in a recent interview at Em-Con (a Sci-fi Convention in Nottingham) series regular Danny John-Jules (aka The Cat) revealed that the show’s co-creator, Doug Naylor, is in the early brainstorming stages of creating a Red Dwarf Live show in the near future!

According to Danny John-Jules;

“That’s a reality that there is a live show being thrashed out in Doug’s head at the moment. But we are all up for it [and] have agreed to do it if Doug finally has the time to write it because at the moment he is post-producing 12 episodes of Red Dwarf, which takes three times as long as an ordinary show because of various effects.”

Check out the full interview below!

Although this is extremely exciting news for Red Dwarf fans everywhere, currently, we Dwarfers across the pond are feeling deprived since Red Dwarf was pulled from Hulu several months ago (along with Dr. Who and a handful of other popular BBC programs).

Despite breaking the hearts of devoted British TV lovers in the US like myself, the shift came amid a flurry of rumors that the BBC was developing a streaming service. These rumors have finally, thankfully, been confirmed with the announcement of what is currently being called Britflix that will offer all of our favorite BBC shows in one easy place.

The future looks bright, not just for the re-booted Red Dwarf universe as they delve into new and interesting projects, but for the future of British TV as a whole as the BBC learns to adapt to a changing landscape of  direct to consumer entertainment.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Red Dwarf and are you pumped for a Live show?

Oh! And if you’re as big of a Red Dwarf fanatic as I am you might like to know the entire collection can be found on Amazon as well as several episodes and seasons on Amazon Video!


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