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Red Tornado on Supergirl

written by Tom_Winstone September 20, 2015


Warner Bros. have released the below image of the popular Justice League member, Red Tornado, who will appear in the first season of Supergirl later this year. Red Tornado will be played by Iddo Goldberg, who will also play the character’s alter-ego T.O. Morrow. That name puts “Harrison Wells” to shame.


T.O. Morrow was a DC comics supervillin who first appeared in the Flash comic book series (so close). Morrow later merged with an alien android to become the Red Tornado. The android was from the planet Rann, which has a long┬áhistory with Hawkman’s world Thangar (so close). Despite some strong connections to the world of the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, as well as the Greg Berlanti connection, CBS have chosen to limit Supergirl’s involvement with the Arrow universe on the CW.

Supergirl premieres on Monday 26th October.

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