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Reign: Season 3 Returns

written by Ali L April 28, 2016

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After a short mid-season break Reign returned this week in a whirl wind of drama and intrigue as Mary Queen of Scots, once again, finds herself dealing with a Protestant uprising. Of course, just as she planned to return to her Scottish homeland.

Also, a serial killer is loose in France and Queen Catherine knows who the psychotic killer is. But, she’s also kind of being blackmailed into keeping that information to herself.

Since the show’s premiere it has received some judgement for lacking accuracy as a historical drama, most of which has since died down. The program has  seemed to use actual historical fact in a broad stokes style to retell the story in a new and adventurous way.  This, and the complicated characters make for an entertaining and climatic show that has held solid ratings and loyal fan base over the last three seasons.

I also think, much like Game of Thrones, the choice to film in diverse and stunning locations has added to the overall appeal of the show. So, the recent news that Mary’s character will be returning to Scotland soon is intriguing indeed. Season 4 was officially confirmed in March.

Reign location at Ashford Castle in Ireland

Ashford Castle in Ireland

In fact, in a recent interview with Yahoo TV, actress Adelaide Kane (Mary), expressed her excitement with the show’s new direction as her character prepares to return to Scotland, stating;

It is pretty much going to be like a whole new show. It’s still got the same vibe, but we have brand-new sets that are amazing. We have some really incredible new locations when we were at Ireland shooting exterior stuff for the next couple of episodes.

Reign Season 3 scene shot

Kane returns as Queen Mary- Season 3: Episode 4

Kane also mentioned that the show will be taking a darker tone as the more trying, and known events, of the real Mary Queen of Scot’s life will finally be retold, saying;

Now that she’s in Scotland — I don’t know if you know her history, but her life doesn’t really start until she gets back to Scotland…I think the show is definitely going to take a darker turn….she gets remarried, and her husband goes kind of crazy, she loses twins — historically speaking, I don’t know how much they’ll put in the storyline, because nobody tells me anything!

It seems Kane knows her character’s history, but how will the Reign writer’s continue to bring this story to life?

Are you a fan of Reign and what do you think of the story moving to Scotland? Let us know! Be sure and catch up on Reign over on Hulu as well!

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