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Rejoice! A Sky High Sequel May Be On The Way!

written by Tony Valdez October 20, 2016
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Disney fans, superhero fans, lovers of good-natured family cheese, brace yourselves: SKY HIGH 2 MAY BE HAPPENING!

Sky High poster

The report comes from The Hollywood News, who had an exclusive sit-down with Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell, directors of the upcoming Dreamworks Animation feature Trolls. (Not to be confused with Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix series Trollhunters)

Watch a snippet of the interview below.

When asked about Shrek 5, also in development at Dreamworks Animation, Mitchell commented that veteran screenwriter Michael McCullers (The Austin Powers Trilogy, Undercover Brother) was working on the project. Then he added this regarding when/if we would see the project come to fruition:

“Who knows? It’s between that and we’re working on a sequel to Sky High. We’ll see how that goes.”

Mitchell directed the original Sky High in 2005. It’s fair to say that he seems to show a bit of uncertainty here regarding the sequel’s future. However, the news that the project is in fact being pursued should be enough to get die-hard fans excited.

Sky High opened to moderate box office success, despite featuring a cast packed with geek legends (Kurt Russell, Bruce Campbell, Lynda Carter, etc) as well as terrific up-and-comers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Danielle Panabaker). With the original kids nearing 30, what would the sequel look like? Not quite old enough for the original gang to have kids of their own in high school. But perhaps some of them stayed behind to teach?

All I need is Bruce. Give me Bruce.

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