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Release Date for The Punisher Delayed by Marvel and Netflix

written by Jordan Cobb October 6, 2017

Marvel and Netflix were to host a panel and screening of The Punisher for attendees at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, but the plans were cancelled due to the recent shooting in Las Vegas last weekend. Well now it seems the tragic events delayed more than just that.

Newsweek reporter Verne Gay tweeted out that Netflix was now delaying the release of the whole series until sometime later this fall.

Reports were already circulating that after the panel and a simulcast event in Paris when the first two episodes were screened, Netflix was suddenly going to release the full first season of the Marvel adaptation. This sounds like it was very likely going to happen given that in the trailer and all promotional material since then, the release date for the show was redacted, much like a government file would be.

Marvel and Netflix have not given an official statement as to the delay, but it looks to be pretty solid. The decision will most likely be up for debate with some people, but given the particularly violent nature of The Punisher and the recent ongoing arguments of gun violence that has come up since the Vegas incident, it looks to be that Marvel and Netflix had made the right call.

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