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Resident Evil 7 Plot Details, Content Leaked By ESRB Rating

written by Jason Marcano August 26, 2016

Capcom has been releasing news about Resident Evil 7 on a slow drip since it was premiered at E3 this year. The latest bits have been another teaser trailer and the “green herb.” Today, thanks to twitter user Wario64 and the ESRB, we may have knowledge on the basic premise of RE7’s plot as well as details about combat and other gory content.

This article may contain potential spoilers for some elements of Resident Evil 7!

You’ve been warned, do not scroll past the image if you want to have the purest experience going into the game.

ResidentEvil7 Mask


The tweet from Wario64 can be seen below. It is the ESRB rating for Resident Evil 7 (surprise it’s M for mature).

We now know the main character will be a man named Ethan and that he will be searching for his missing wife. Could his wife be the woman who was running in “The Lantern” trailer?

We also learn about the weapons we will use and see in the game. Ethan will use pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives, and, perhaps most excitingly, chainsaws to kill “mutant creatures.” This information alone really makes me wonder what this game is really about. Up until now Capcom has only shown the horror aspects of Resident Evil 7. I’m more anxious than ever to see how using all these weapons in VR will play out, and what this means for the action aspect of the game. Makes me wonder who or what will the antagonist(s) be?

The ESRB goes on to say there will be a plethora of gore and viscera in the game. Which is par for the course when it comes to Resident Evil, or survival/horror in general. We’ll also be subjected to a bit of foul language including, but not limited to, the F-bomb and sh*t.

ResidentEvil7 Stones

Well geeks, I don’t know about you, but I am ready to venture into that derelict mansion and save Ethan’s wife. Let us know what you think in the comments, and while you’re here at DHTG, check out our smashing giveaways that we have going on this month.

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