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Resident Evil 7 is Starting to look more like Resident Evil

written by Jason Marcano August 8, 2016

During E3 this year Capcom released a teaser demo for the latest title in the “Resident Evil” series. The first person demo seemed to borrow more from the long cancelled Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro project “Silent Hills,” and bared little resemblance to anything Resident Evil.

ResidentEvil7 Punch

Capcom has since said that the demo was indicative of what the final product would be like in tone. However, the demo was not necessarily Resident Evil 7 itself. The PS4 exclusive first person demo was meant to highlight the soon to be released PlayStation VR. The demo, titled Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, was effective. The tension was palpable, there was a real sense of dread as you explored the derelict house. A house full of cow corpses and creepy mannequins.

All these things proved Capcom can still do horror, but it did little to show they still knew their own franchise. Resident Evil 6 was arguably a very divisive game. It lost a lot of what made the series great. No real single player campaign, the action heavy/horror-lite plot with twists and turns in the story line so knotted that even Capcom had trouble staying on track. In short the Resident Evil series seemed to be headed to its grave, and the reception of Umbrella Corps. only served help dig said grave.

Capcom has stated that Resident Evil 7 will return the series to its horror roots, and what better way to do that than to show off something iconic to the series? Something that was sorely missing from the brief PlayStation demo.

ResidentEvil7 Herb

No survivor’s arsenal is complete without this crucial herb. Nothing cures a zombie bite quite like it. Hopefully we’ll be able to brush up on our herbology with red and blue herbs as well. The appearance of this all important plant also goes a long way to show that this will be “Resident Evil” as we know it, just from a first person perspective.

There is one more thing in this image that might make you curious, and Capcom coyly mentions it in the item descriptor. What is that coin doing there? It’s easy to speculate that the appearance of the coin would indicate some sort of vendor mechanic. A more sinister assumption— one befitting the horror theme— would be it’s a sign of a special in game currency. One that is very rare in game, but can also be bought with real world money. I shudder at the thought.


Does the knowledge of the herbs returning to Resident Evil 7 despite it being such a different style give any of you geeks hope? Can Capcom get this series back on its survival/horror track?

Source: Capcom (“Resident Evil” Ambassador Program)


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