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Resident Evil 7: PS4 Exclusive Demo (Video)

written by Jason Marcano June 14, 2016

We always knew Capcom was going to bring us Resident Evil 7, but we had no idea when or how. During the Sony PlayStation Press Conference, the final conference of the evening, we received our answer and one that really was the cherry on top of an already massive sundae.

That wasn’t all Capcom had for us though because right after the short teaser they announced we’d be able to download the teaser demo, Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, later that night. If you were a PlayStation Plus member anyhow.

Well geeks, we played it, and it’s different.


It’s hard to miss the biggest difference in Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, it’s in first person. RE7 will also be a premiere title for PlayStation VRAs for the rest of the game, it really doesn’t feel like Resident Evil, at all. Sure you’ve got the creepy, possibly haunted mansion, the oppressive foreboding atmosphere, and even the well timed bumps in the night, but if it weren’t for the words “Resident Evil” being in the title, you’d be hard pressed to find any similarities.

Despite this however, the game does an amazing job setting the tone. The flashbacks via VHS have a neat effect to them, making it seem as if you’re actually walking around inside of a world recorded on an old camcorder.

ResidentEvil7 Hanging

During my play through, and I played twice, a lot of the scares seemed random or tied to other discoveries. The first time I played, the mannequins upstairs had turned to look at me when I went back up because I had forgotten to check an area. The second time, they stayed stationary, staring at the wall. There were a few other differences, but I don’t want to ruin all the surprises here. There were even some puzzles I couldn’t figure out/couldn’t find the objects for. So there is definitely some replay-ability.

All in all it’s a good, creepy demo and although I can’t be sure if I saw a zombie or not, it really gives you an idea of what direction Capcom is trying to go with the Resident Evil series. It looks to be a perfect fit for VR, that is if you want to feel like you’re in a haunted house in a horror movie.


If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, go download the demo and give it a go. Be sure to let us know what you geeks think about the new direction for Resident Evil.

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