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Resident Evil 7 Teasers Provide More Questions Than Answers

written by Jason Marcano October 15, 2016

If there is one thing that has me pumped for PlayStation VR it’s Resident Evil 7. Playing the recently updated demo I imagine exploring that derelict mansion while being fully immersed in the environment and a chill goes down my spine. Resident Evil 7 is still a few months from its January 24th release, but Capcom is steadily teasing us with just enough new info that only adds to the mystery.

The Mysterious Caller

First we have a phone call from an unknown woman.

The descriptor for the video reads: “The phone is ringing… But who could it be?” It seems Capcom is implying that this could be someone from the series we already know. Could it be Ada Wong? Some other important female character from the series? Maybe it’s someone we haven’t met before. Can you discern who that voice belongs to? Whomever it is, the message is clear; “You really shouldn’t have come here.”

Resident Evil 7: A Signature Weapon Returns

One thing Capcom has been mum about regarding Resident Evil 7 is how exactly combat will play out. The few hints dropped about it only reveal that gun play will be involved in some way. When they updated the Beginning Hour demo, one of several changes was a pack of handgun ammo. Unfortunately there was no gun.


Now we finally have a look at what at least one weapon will look like in the final game. The Shotgun.

There are a few other takeaways from this particular video. The item box is back, and weapons are still taking up multiple spaces relative to their sizes, and there is a combat knife. Another tidbit is the “Stone Statuette,” nestled in the box. Could this be indicative of classic Resident Evil style puzzles making a return in Resident Evil 7? My guess is yes.

Capcom keeps giving us more reasons to be excited for Resident Evil 7. The slow drip of information is serving to entice us. This is preferable to the bombardment some companies give us when promoting their games. Or, this is Capcom allowing us to dip our toes in so we can check the temperature and see if the murky waters of Resident Evil 7 are waters we want to swim in. There are a lot of changes coming to the series in its 7th entry after all.

What do you geeks think? Has this served to pique your interest in the latest entry to the Resident Evil series? Let us know in the comments below, and stick with DHTG for more on Resident Evil 7.

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