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Retailer Backlash Leads Image Comics to Amend 25¢ Issues

written by Jordan Cobb December 14, 2016

The king of creator owned stories in comic books is most certainly Image Comics and with hugely successful and award-winning books such as The Walking Dead, Sex Criminals, Saga, and Southern Bastards, it’s hard to argue that given the grade A talent behind those and many other books for the company.


Image is nearing its 25th anniversary of publishing and of course would want to celebrate the occasion in a very special way through their current line of books. They announced last month that in February, Robert Kirkman’s three major titles, The Walking Dead #163, Invincible #133, and Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta #25, would all be available for just 25¢. Well that won’t be happening anymore.


Response from comic retailers was not too pleasant since they were informed by Image through Diamond Comics Distribution that said books would then be sold at an effective half-price discount, which vastly differs from from when they were sold to them at 20¢ plus shipping and handling and that meant the retailers would be selling the books at a loss.

While the titles still have a recommended 25¢ retail price, Diamond is allowing retailers to buy them with a “D Discount”, which is their standard discount for most comics. Regardless, Image has gone back on the 25¢ issues and has amended it completely. Director of Sales for the company, Corey Murphy said, “We deeply value retailer feedback and do our utmost to course correct as soon as possible when necessary. At Image, we are well aware that our success and your success are one and the same. Image Comics’ 25th anniversary is not only about celebrating our history as a company, but also about celebrating our 25 years working in close partnership with our Direct Market retailers.

What do you think of the situation? Should Image have done this in the first place? Let us know in the comments below!

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