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Review: Peel case for iPhone 6

written by Sara Planz July 27, 2015


Peel has created a super-thin, almost non-existent case for iPhone.  Their concept protects your phone with minimal increases in weight and bulk, and keeps the same form of the phone in your hand.

I put the case to the test on my iPhone 6.  The first thing I noticed about the case was literally how thin it was.  I usually have a hard plastic case on my iPhone which is much heavier than the Peel.  The Peel case is only .35mm thin and because of this it fits perfectly around my iPhone, allowing the camera lens to be flush with the case.  Because it is almost invisible, all of the Apple branding is visible, and if you opted for one of the more colorful iPhones, you can actually see it through this case.  I love how light my phone feels in my hand now and am enjoying actually seeing my phone through it.  However, if you want to express a hobby or fandom or your personality through your phone case, this is probably not for you.


Usability was my next test. The case itself does not get in the way of any of the buttons on the phone, and I think the audio directly from the speaker at the base of the phone sounds much clearer too.  It also fits better in my pocket.  My only wish was that it maybe had a bit more of a non-slip grip to it.  I am quite prone to my phone slipping out of my hand and if this case had a bit more texture to it, that might alleviate my concern on that.  Usually my phone is tossed around in my purse and I think this case will do a fine job protecting the back and side of the phone from any minor scratches and dings from wallets, keys, and all of the other things that our purses and pockets hold.

Next I looked at durability.  My own hard plastic case has cracked and broken off in places, mostly near the areas that are cut out for the buttons.  However seeing how flush this case fits, how smooth the finish is, and how flexible the case itself it, I think the possibility of snags and cracks may be lessened because the material has a little more play.  Only time will tell with this case as to how long it will last for. By the way, it is so easy to put on and take off of your phone.  No fighting the corners of the case to try to get your phone into it.


The packaging for the phone is minimalist, and for someone like me who is on the “green” side, I really liked that a lot.  It’s only a small cellophane wrapper, greatly reducing what you have to throw away after you remove the case.

Is this case going to protect your phone from a terrible fall or a swim in the pool?  No.  But frankly, neither was the case I had on it before. This is a case that allows the phone to be mostly scratch proof, reduce the weight of a phone/case combination, and have a clean look.  For someone like me, who sits in an office all day and simply needs a case to protect my phone from minor bumps and day-to-day handling, this is a great option.  If you are a deep-sea diver or stunt person, it’s probably not the case for you. The Peel case is available for online ordering at buypeel.com.  Cases for iPhone 5/5s are $19.99, and cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are $24.99.

Check out some of my pics with my Peel case below and go grab yours now!

Stock pics from BuyPeel.com


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