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Rhett and Link Buddy System Season 2 Out Now

written by Katelyn Fiorentino November 30, 2017
Rhett and Link Buddy System Season 2 YouTube Red

YouTube pals, Rhett and Link, are back to YouTube Red with a new season of silly. Their whole YouTube careers started out with their long-lasting friendship. So, it’s not a surprise that their show revolves around friendship. This season of Buddy System is even wackier with its use of parallel universes.

I think Link is excited for the new season, but I may be wrong.

Special Guest-Stars

Recently a trailer for Buddy System 2 was released on their channel, Good Mythical Morning. In the trailer, you can spot Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory, and Garrett Morris from Two Broke Girls.

Rhett and Link Buddy System YouTube Red

This time around, they’ve got a new style. Rhett seems to be sporting the classic man-bun. Link, on the other hand, went for a bold mustache. Don’t forget, this takes place in a universe where Rhett and Link are trendier, apparently.

Wibbly-Wobbly Stuff

Taking place in a parallel universe, these best buds take on new challenges and adventures. They described the new season on YouTube

But in a parallel universe (which just so happens to be the universe of Rhett & Link’s Buddy System Season 2), that meeting never happened. Instead, they meet as adults, and Rhett is a self-absorbed hedonist while Link is alarmingly simple. Will they each be able to grow enough to form the “buddy system” their counterparts enjoy in this universe?

The thought of this dynamic duo never being friends is strange, to say the least. Also, we’re used to their singing, creativeness, and all around goofiness. This season, Rhett and Link allow the magic of their real-life friendship to fuel their parallel counterparts. You can watch the first episode for free, here!

So, Rhett and Link keep putting out fun content for us to eat up. Letting the comedic partnership continue to flourish. Have you seen any of the first or second seasons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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