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Rick and Morty Future Isn’t Guaranteed, Dan Harmon Confirms

written by Jordan Cobb March 19, 2018
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There certainly is a yin and a yang to fandom. You certainly should love, celebrate, and embrace what you enjoy the most and all that matters to you, but you know, you could also not be so mad about it. One fandom I certainly feel that way about is that of the one for Rick and Morty. Now I love Rick and Morty, smart, funny, and a joke-a-minute animation machine, the show is awesome!

But sometimes the opinions expressed online by the fans and especially the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce incident makes me not even want to be associated with them sometimes. A silly joke from a small plotline in a season premiere led to hostility at fast food restaurants. What the serious hell?! It’s just dipping sauce. F**KING DIPPING SAUCE!

Now it’s even gone to demanding the new episodes be made now as a fan angrily tweeted to co-creator Dan Harmon recently and oh boy, am I not in a good mood about people right now.

Apparently, some fans forget that the people that make the show, writers, producers, actors, especially animators, and so on and so on, aren’t indeed the final voices as to if the show goes on for another season. There has been no news at all regarding the fourth season of Rick and Morty ever since the most recent season finale, yet a portion of the fandom for the show is already too impatient, not understanding nor respecting what it really takes to craft a season’s worth of TV storytelling that admittedly not everyone will be a fan of. They don’t care that creativity takes time, they want it now!

Let’s get this out the way, not being renewed right away is NOT immediate cancellation, so why don’t we all just calm the hell down? Adult Swim simply is weighing its options as to if they want to bring the show back for another year, the creators as well, so there is still a chance for more episodes.

Now among the many things I love in this crazy world, Rick and Morty certainly is one of my absolute favorite shows, but the overall fandom for it sometimes can be too much if I may be honest. The attitude I feel sometimes from how fans of the show praise Rick as the smartest man that ever came or worship him and whatever insight he has is just troubling at times. It just really bothers me because yes, Rick is an entertaining character, but he’s no hero at all. That’s part of the point of the show is that Rick sucks, he’s horrible. No one anyone should ever want to emulate.

Fans shouldn’t abuse or bully the creators behind their favorite stories to make them more simply because they want it. There has to be a healthy level of respect and trust between creator and consumer in order for everyone to get what they want, but often, some fans just want more than is expected right away. I bet you that soon enough, Game of Thrones fans are gonna start demanding online to know when filming of the final season has started or another ridiculous petition on Change.org will be launched because a collective of fans hate where the story is going be it direction wise or because a character they adore is killed or written off.

Toxic Rick and Morty Fan

This recent overraction about the Adult Swim show really snapped something in my mind that I’m just annoyed by. There is a reason good things come to those who wait people, so get comfy and wait a while to see if Rick and Morty is coming back or not.

What are your thoughts on this fan outburst? What would you want to see in season four should it be ordered? Let us know in the comments!

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