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Rick and Morty Recreate Insane Courtroom Exchange (VIDEO)

written by Jordan Cobb July 29, 2016

While we’re still waiting for the third season of Rick and Morty, co-creator Justin Roiland has given fans a little something to hold them over.

At their annual San Diego Comic-Con International panel, Roiland presented a video of Rick and Morty, voiced by himself of course, recreating a now famous courtroom exchange between Judge Bryant Durham and defendant Denver Allen in the state of Georgia. Oddly fitting considering where Rick ended up at the end of the second season.

The video was taken by an attendee at the panel and put on to YouTube. Take a look at it for yourself, but be warned, it’s incredibly vulgar and most certainly not safe for work.

Well that certainly wouldn’t fly on Law and Order: SVU now would it?

Roiland’s delivery to effortlessly go between Judge Morty and defendant Rick is expertly timed and just so fast paced that you’re instantly cracking up. It even made Roiland himself laugh and break character.

No doubt something as absurd as the real exchange itself would be made into something like this. Reading the story itself it almost feels like it would be a sketch on Saturday Night Live or a short comedy video someone made on Funny or Die, but this actually happened. You can read the full transcript of the exchange yourself if you want.

Never fear though, there was actually something from the upcoming season at the panel via a storyboard animatic. The clip is cockroach Rick taking on an army of mice. Not kidding, take a look for yourself.

Well if anything prison hasn’t taken away Rick’s ingenuity and his hatred for any set of rules set upon by society.

What did you think of the video? How excited are you for more Rick and Morty? Let us know in the comments below!

Rick and Morty will return with its third season on Adult Swim some time later this year.

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