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Rick and Morty: “The Ricks must be Crazy” -DHTG Review

written by ClassicT4 September 4, 2015


Peace among worlds, no matter how many legs.

Rick and Morty pull off another fun episode. Rick and Morty go on a journey without really going anywhere and Summer deals with her own personal struggle as she waits for their return. It sounds simple enough, but the execution was very well crafted.

As with most episodes, things started off with rather normal circumstances, Rick spending quality time with his two grandchildren at the movies. Soon, Rick discovers he can’t start his car/flying saucer, so the only thing he can do is find the cause to its malfunction. To do this, Morty and him travel inside the battery, for inside the battery, is a universe Rick personally crafted and tricked into generating power for him. Summer might have been left behind, but not forgotten, as Rick instructs the car to “Keep Summer safe.”

Rick and Morty meet the world being treated as Rick’s car battery and discover the reason there is no more power because Zeep Xanflorp (voiced by none other than Stephen Colbert) apparently built his own universe in a box to generate their own power, making the mechanics used to feed power to Rick obsolete. Along the way, we get many interesting parallels through the episode. How each scientist in each Microverse/Miniverse/Teenyverse all act about the same. They’re very Rick, which is new for characters that aren’t simply Rick from other dimensions.

Morty not caringAccording to Rick, this means “Peace among worlds.” He also has a different meaning for “Much obliged.”

The references are as vast and well utilized as ever. Retreading a little on the Inception concept, but not too heavily, giving us a world similar to Pandora from Avatar, with some snide commentary on it, and continuing the trend of call backs to past episodes like when Rick releases a snake from his leg.

While Rick and Morty are dealing with the battery, Summer waits in the car. Shouldn’t be too hard, that is if the car wasn’t commanded to keep her safe. Safe, for the car, means killing, incapacitating, or even psychologically destroying anyone who dares threaten them. Each defense the car uses, of course, causes more and more hostility towards them, and Summer trying to hold the car back only results in different, horrifying countermeasures. Things get so out of hand that giant spiders play a part in the plans.



Rick and sad scientistMorty is just rolling with it at this point.

The parts that make this episode even better are how they avoided the usual cliches like a reveal at the end that they are, themselves, a universe in a box. Instead, we see Morty accidentally transform into a car in class.

(4.5 out of 5)

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