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Ride Your Motocycle in Style with Halo’s Master Chief Helmet

written by kimmyink90 February 18, 2015


It’s been reported that National Entertainment Collectibles Association is finally expecting to ship Halo Spartan Armor motorcycle helmets this year in July.

Other than having the obvious look of Halo’s Master Chief’s helmet, the street-legal, DOT-approved motorcycle helmet features front-air intakes designed to help reduce the fog that can accumulate on the visor. It also has rear vents and has been specially designed to help the wearer stay cool under the helmet.

If you wear glasses, this helmet has also been designed to have room enough for you to wear them and for those of you who like a view during your ride, NECA said the visor flip switch is designed to be “glove friendly”.

As far as price goes, that information has yet to be released, however, the helmet will available in four different sizes ranging from small (55 to 56 cm) to extra-large (61 to 62 cm). Of course, if Halo isn’t really your thing, you may be better off looking at some other options in the full face motorcycle helmet department that you could use.

Back in 2013, NECA had the vision to design, produce and release this helmet and now Halo fans can rejoice because it is now in the works.

What do you think geeks? Do you ride a motorcycle and if so, would you buy one of these to ride in style? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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