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RIP, comics legend Darwyn Cooke has passed away.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 14, 2016

Cancer sucks. It affects so many people and now it has crushed the comics world. Cancer took away Darwyn Cooke too soon.

As reported earlier, comics guru Darwyn Cooke had been diagnosed with cancer. Now I sadly have to tell you geeks that Cooke has been taken away from us.

It's the Justice League

Friends of the family have been expressing their condolences all morning long. Now we have to add our sympathies to the ever growing pool of upset fans.

Cooke was a legend in the comics world. His redesign of Catwoman is still being used today. His work on New Frontier inspired the awesome animated movie Justice League New Frontier. He was even in the process of getting his own creator owned comic off the ground.

It's Catwoman


As I said before, cancer sucks. We here at DHTG wish the family all the very best. We hope that they can get through this difficult time with dignity and privacy.

Geeks and fans can help out by donating to two charities at the behest of the family. Those charities are the Canadian Cancer Society and the Hero Initiative.

Geeks feeling the loss are more than welcome to talk about it here. We will be mourning the loss of Cooke for quite a while.

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