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The Road to Final Fantasy XV Part 7

written by ctriggerhappy October 20, 2015
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The Road to Final Fantasy XV

Greetings gamers and welcome back! Been gone for a bit due to technical difficulties. I will hopefully be back to posting once every one to two weeks. But enough of that, let’s get started. We are finally done with Final Fantasy IV so we can move on to Final Fantasy V. Yay! If you missed the last post then click here to read it now. And as always there will be spoilers. But first, let’s pick back up where we left off in Final Fantasy VII.

If you remember we just left the Junon harbor on a cargo ship after we snuck onboard disguised as Shinra troops. So let’s do some mingling. The rest of the party is disguised as well so there can be some funny dialog with them, especially since Red XIII’s tail is sticking out the back of his uniform and the whole two-legged thing is not really working for him. After a while there is news that Sephiroth is on board the ship and attacking passengers. We find him in the ship’s hold where he starts spouting some cryptic nonsense then summons a fragment of Jenova for us to fight.


Very Observant

Well this fight is one of the more difficult ones we have had so far, or it would be if we hadn’t leveled so much getting those limit breaks. Jenova Birth has some strong attacks that can hit the whole party so have the restore materia paired with the all one to heal the party after these hit. Jenova Birth has no weakness so just hit her with everything you have and hope she doesn’t cast stop and kill anyone.


Jenova Birth

After she has been beat, the ship reaches the new continent and we are able to disembark to the sunny town of Casa Del Sol. Here the party decides to split up and enjoy the sights. There are some funny conversations that can be had between the party members so it’s worth finding them all. After this we need to make our way to the beach where we see a familiar face. Apparently Dr. Hojo is also enjoying some time off at the beach, but he didn’t think it was necessary to remove his lab coat. After talking with him the party says “aloha” to Casa Del Sol, and “aloha” to the new continent.


Focus Cloud

There is only one road forward, and that is up into the mountains. Mount Coral is an abandoned railway, which means we have a lot of running to do. Once we make our way across we end up in a shantytown that Barret apparently is known in. There is an exchange between him and some villagers that turns violent when one strikes Barret. He says that he doesn’t want to talk about it so we head on past to the lift that leads to, the Golden Saucer!

The Happiest Place on Earth

The Happiest Place on Earth

When we get in, the party decides to split up again and Cloud can bring one person with him as he checks out the attractions. This is the perfect time for him to get to know some of the more preferred team members a little better, if you know what I mean. So of course I bring Red XIII with me. What, is that not what you expected? When we head with our date to the Game Square we meet this strange fortune-telling puppet-thing, named Cait Sith. He tells us our fortune, after a few failed attempts, and says we seem like interesting people so he forces himself into the group. Well now we can play some games, earn some GP from the arcade, bet on the Chocobo races, lose, cry, spend a lot of Gil, and gain almost next to nothing from it, you know, the typical theme park experience. I have to admit I spent too much time playing the basketball game just to earn the ????? prize. Which in hindsight may have not been the best idea I’ve had. 500 GP for a nut, not even Disney overcharged that much.

Knew I should have taken Tifa

Knew I should have taken Tifa

There is one game we need to make sure we play while we are here and that is Speed Square. We ride a Ferris wheel around the park shooting lasers at targets to get points. The goal is to get 5000 points to win our prize. It costs 10 GP to play and I am, of course, pretty bad at it so I am going to be shooting a lot more hoops to get some more GP to play. Our prize, the Umbrella, is by far the strongest weapon Aerith can carry, but it has no slots for materia so it will limit what abilities she can use. It may not be worth it unless you really want it, which I do, very much.

After we have had our fill, and emptied our wallets of all the Gil we made grinding, we head over to the Battle Arena. Here we find some dead Shinra soldiers. Fearing Sephiroth is here too; we head up to a wounded employee that lets us know that a man with a gun for an arm did this. Well, before we can register this information, the party is captured by guards who accuse us of killing the people here, despite the fact that none of us even have a gun. One by one the team is thrown down into the Coral Prison under the Golden Saucer.


He’s to cool for that

Well that’s where we leave the group this time. They are in for life so one more week won’t kill them. In the meantime let’s move onto Final Fantasy V. Thank god it’s not another 3-part game.

Final Fantasy V: Advance

Final Fantasy V: Advance

This story re does the classic story of the four Light Warriors from Final Fantasy I. Thank god there are only four characters to worry about this time, after the twelve from The After Years I’m glad to be back to something simple. I shouldn’t get used to it though, Final Fantasy VI is just around the corner. We follow Bartz, or Buttz as the PlayStation version had him, as he and the rest of the Light Warriors try to save the four elemental crystals from being destroyed by the evil Ex-Death. I mean you know he’s evil; he’s got death right in his name. Of course you fail each time you get to a crystal and it shatters, but this is a good thing in my opinion because the shards each give you a new job for your characters to use.

That’s right we have jobs again, but unlike Final Fantasy III they did them right this time. Your character is able to use a previously learned ability from a job they have leveled with the current one they are using. That means you can have a Black Mage that uses white magic, or a Knight that can use summons. The possibilities are sky-high! Since I am playing the Game Boy Advance version of this game we also have four new jobs to learn as well. So, that brings our total number of jobs in this game to twenty-six! And guess what, I’m going to have to master them all. But unlike the grinding for items we had in the last game, this at least isn’t so bad.

You can see the progress you make throughout the whole game on your jobs so it’s not like you need to stop and grind one spot for hours on end. By the time you are done with the main story you will have most of them close to mastered anyway. Still there are a few hours I spent grinding to get those last jobs mastered so it’s not something that will happen on its own. Is it worth it to level each job to the max on each character? Not really. If you plan on playing a character a certain way then it may make sense to have just them learn those jobs and the others can skip them. I do recommend having every job mastered with at least one person so you can see what each ability does, but maybe not for every character. If you do master each one though, the freelancer job becomes super powerful so there is an advantage to doing it.


Gotta master ém all

The next thing to do is complete the bestiary, again. I will be glad when this is over, after Final Fantasy VI we won’t have to worry about a bestiary for some time. There are some miss-able monsters, and you want to make sure you see all of them in the different worlds too, because after the world changes they are gone. But at least we don’t have any super rare monsters to find so we can breathe a sigh of relief here.


Another one down

The last thing to do is the new side dungeon. This being the GBA version we have a new subterranean dungeon that adds a few extra hours to the gameplay, as well as some of the hardest bosses in the game. It’s hard but well worth the effort, I strongly recommend fighting your way to the bottom and fighting the new bosses this game has to offer.

With a final play time of sixty-seven hours and fifty minutes we can put Final Fantasy V back on the shelf. This is probably one of my favorites from the 2D era. If you can find a GBA version of the game I would recommend giving it a try.

Time well spent

Time well spent

Well, that’s it for this week. Next time we will see how prison life is treating Cloud, and I’ll give my thoughts on the struggle that is completing Final Fantasy VI, they call them Rages for a reason! But until next time, later gamer.

Don't screw this up!

Don’t screw this up!


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