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Robot Arena III PC Game Review

written by Matt "Chewy" Ruppert June 3, 2016

Prepare yourself to be immersed in creation, design, and destruction with the newest release from the team at Octopus Tree, Robot Arena III. This title is aimed at bringing players to a mechanized combat arena. The game allows you to take basic components in order to design and build a custom bot of your vision to do battle against your foe. The intricacy and realism of the bot creation system offered in the game allows players to learn about robotics and engineering and engage their creativity in order to build a functional machine. Be ready for the arena combat though, because when it’s time to fight, the opposing team will come at you prepared to destroy all of your hard work.


Robot Arena III offers four main key elements of gameplay: Exhibition, Career, Online, and Bot Lab. The Bot Lab is where players will go to design and build their own robot. In the lab, players are given a facet of different parts that can be used to construct their robot. The different parts differ in what they are used for as well as different sizes. For example, under the components options, the player will find a power section. Within that power section, you will find a batteries portion which offers three different types of batteries that vary in size and power that they provide to your construction. The difficulty in the bot lab is that not much guidance is provided on what to do in order to create a fully functional automatron. A “Lab Manual” is provided, but it takes the player out of the game to a steam page where written instructions are provided by a fellow steam user.

Robot Arena III

The Exhibition, Career, and Online features are game modes for the actual combat arena portion of the game. The Online Mode currently allows for a head to head battle against other online players. As the game moves out of early-access status, it will likely expand to allow for more players. The Exhibition Mode is a single battle in which you can choose your robot and those you want to square up against. The droids will enter an arena and do battle against each other until time runs out or their is no other foe left to fight.

The Career Mode is similar to the Exhibition Mode, but instead of a single battle, players will be engaged in a tournament to find that last bot remaining in a series of 5 different battles.  Throughout the battles, early players are met with wonky game mechanics, and physics that cause the robots to flip over after little interaction from other machines you are facing up against.

Robot Arena III


The game provided a good level of detail at the “Beautiful” setting. However, the game was designed not for beautiful landscape or different environments. Additionally, the game does a good job at displaying sparks and smoke when damage is caused to your opponents, creating a realism that gamers an appreciate. The audio also held a higher quality that provided great sound effects made to make the player feel like they are in the arena hearing the clashing of metal and spewing of sparks. The audio tracks may not be for everyone as it is mostly consists of Heavy Metal/Rock music. For me personally, the tracks given perfectly matched the theme behind the game.

Robot Arena III


In the Career Mode, players will find themselves up against various opponents which helped to break up the monotony of the gameplay,at least a little. Additionally, if the player tires of the bot constructed, they may always rebuild a whole new robot from scratch or modify something already created. Robot Arena III also offers support for Steam Workshop, which gives players the ability to play the creations of fellow gamers. However, in the end, its is still the same type of combat in similar arenas every time that may prove to be tiresome and leave the player bored, restricting the replayability factor.

Robot Arena III is available for Early-Access on PC through Steam for $19.99.

If you have gotten to play this title, let us know in the comments below your thoughts! You can even add your own rating to compare to ours.

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