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Rocket League Scores Cross-Platform Party Support, but When?

written by Damian Gordon January 24, 2018
Car serves up ball in Rocket League

Leave private matches in the mirror and say hello to ranked

Released back in 2015, Rocket League continuously grows its player base and now adds cross-platform play on the way to world domination.

This is a sports game based on soccer where instead of people, it’s NOS fueled cars that do insane feats. 40 million players drove through the game’s maps since launch. Now, all of them have a convenient way to play using developer Psyonix’s new system.

The PsyNet party system will allow all players on different platforms to team up with their friends. The studio confirmed over the weekend on Twitter that the PsyNet system is expected to drop sometime this year.

Nintendo and Microsoft are already on board with cross-play as the Switch connects with Xbox and PC players. Sony is still holding out as they remain in ongoing negotiations.

Psyonix has kept a steady stream of support with free maps and cosmetic items. They’ve teamed up with Rick & Morty to Fast and Furious, so fans can finally have a Mr. Poopybutthole antenna on Dom’s charger.

car uses item in rocket league chaos mode

Regarding the difficulty of getting cross-play to work, Psyonix VP of publishing Jeremy Dunham said,

It’s literally something we could do with a push of a button.

Like Rainbow Six Siege, the game has been able to attract new players because of their focus on content support. The basketball-inspired Hoops mode, Snowday, and Chaos make for a great split screen action.

Destiny has a 10-year plan, treating itself like an MMO but struggles to supply players with content. Both Siege and Rocket remain strong today due to a solid support without any sequel in sight.

car is about to drunk in rocket league hoops mode

Rocket League typically does big updates around its anniversary in June. This new party system could likely be released during the summer.

What do you think about the news? What’s the next game you hope adds cross-party support? Leave your comments below!

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