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Rocket Skates REVIEW with DHTG

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg February 2, 2016


Once upon a time there was a geek who wished he had skates that would magically get him from point A to point B without using any energy at all. POOF with the wave of a magic nerd wand from our friends over at SproutUp RocketSkates have magically appeared. Just the name makes you want to try out a pair doesn’t it. You get this vision of something out of a cartoon that is just blasting you all over the place. That’s what I thought as well. I had another thing coming.

Opening the box I immediately noticed the weight of these skates. At around 7┬álbs each these are not something I wanted to personally carry around when not using. You can feel they are sturdy and can take some bangs and bumps but this durability of course adds the extras weight. After reading through the instructions and strapping these huge Iron Man looking skates on I was ready to go. I downloaded the app and synced to my phone to be able to control speed and mode. I started off at the easiest (slowest) and tried to skate away….I went nowhere. I tried for about half an hour and really made no ground. After getting frustrated and a little tired from the weight I decided to take a break and watch some YouTube videos on the RocketSkates. The How-Tos gave me some new ideas and thoughts on how I would get myself in motion.


After watching the videos I saw that the best way to work the RocketSkates is actually nothing like skating. You actually have one foot in front of the other. The back foot pushes you while you are steering with the front. Very similar to the Heely shoes out there that you see people skating around in the grocery store on. Once I figured out the how, then I moved to the do. I started to get the feel for them but found they were a real workout. With a top speed around 10 mph you can get moving (I never made it to that speed) but you will find out very quickly that you have to be prepared for a workout. Once you stop and try to walk you have an extra 7lbs of Iron Man feet attached to you so you will not be moving very quickly.


RocketSkates I think are the first step into something that could be wonderful. I love the innovation and the thought that has gone into them but they just have to be slimmed down and like myself need to lose some weight. Oh did I mention they have a $500 price tag? So that would need to change as well in order for these to be a purchase for myself.

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