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Rogue One gets the Pinball FX 2 treatment and of course I had to play it first. DHTG review

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. February 2, 2017
It's Rogue One

It's Rogue One Pinball art

Confession time kiddies, if this were a time lord confession dial I don’t know I’d take the long way round. I haven’t yet sat down and properly watched Rogue One. Yes, I know, big time shocker but you gotta think, running around in a walking cast and crutches for someone as naturally as graceful as me is a bad thing. The closest I’m getting to fresh Rogue One content is through the ever so amazing folks at Zen Studios. They couldn’t just make some silly little Star Wars game, no, they had to make Pinball tables!

It is no surprise to you long time readers how much we here at DHTG love our Pinball FX 2 and the myriad of tables licensed to Zen for our amusement. Where else will you get to sit in your underwear and play some of the most detailed pinball games to ever exist? Zen redefines fan service and with the current Rogue One tables popping up, that trend has yet to be bucked.

Once you fire up the Rogue One tables, the first thing that hits you is the audio. This isn’t some synth music, this is Star Wars all the way. The beeps and the zines, even the explosions are true to the saga. The voices are magical and make me really irritated at my foot for missing this in theaters. You can close your eyes and imagine being in that galaxy far, far away, you’ll also lose your ball likely but the immersion is the selling point. It made me ready to pop back in the Blu rays of the franchise and that’s always a good thing. Always.

It's Rogue One

There’s the audio but what about the graphics, right? That’s the thing about Zen and their licensed properties, everything looks so damn good. Sure, we’re talking a pinball game but this is always been a next level experience for those of us missing the physical machines. However, why long for a bygone era when you can play Rogue One and watch your puppets dance for you? With every Pinball FX 2 table, there’s characters hanging out on the sides waiting to do your bidding when you hit the right combination of lights and levers. Again, no wasted opportunity here as when I could get them to begin the dance of destruction, it was sadly eye catching. I don’t have ADD but I always get distracted when I have the starring peeps go nuts for the briefest of moments. That’s when I usually lose my ball, thank the pinball gods for ball savers.

It's Rogue One

Playing the actual tables is spot on, controls are tight and responsive. I flip my flippers to the right, they flip to the right. Left works the same way. The launcher is always fun as the skill shot incentive for extra points makes me want to hit it just right. Don’t lie, you know you do too. We all experience the call of the perfect shot.

It's Rogue One

There we have it, yet another Zen release that encompasses what it means to be true to a franchise or property without having to make a big budget AAA title. Rogue One for Pinball FX 2 is a prime example. Long live our steel overlords!

Many thanks to the lovely folks at Zen Studios for the Xbox One code. Pinball FX 2 itself is a free download, the tables vary in cost. There is a varied selection for fans of many genres from Family Guy to Aliens. Make sure you download yours today. If you’re a player from the Xbox 360 era, know that many of your tables are available free of charge in the Xbox One version.

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