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Rogue One’s Original Ending Revealed

written by Gareth Holton March 25, 2017


With the Blu Ray release for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story less than a month away, we’re slowly being drip fed behind-the-scenes tidbits and revealing information regarding original plot ideas and changes made.

It’s no secret that there was a huge difference between the footage seen in the trailers to what we saw in the final release thanks to those reshoots.  Star Wars fans assumed this would mean a plethora of deleted scenes would be accompanying the Blu Ray release on April 4th.  Last week Gareth Edwards confirmed that this wouldn’t be the case.

Speaking with Fandango, he explained why these deleted scenes don’t technically exist.

“The stuff people talk about, like what they saw in the trailer, they’re not scenes you can just put on a DVD. They’re moments within scenes and threads, and you pull a thread and it all changes. It was changing the whole time. It’s not like there was one version and then there was this other version — it was like this thing that incrementally evolved constantly through all of post production and didn’t stop until there was a gun at our heads and we were forced to release the movie.”

Seems pretty straightforward.  If there are no full sequences to show then it’s not worth showing.  But surely there are storyboards tucked away somewhere that may shed light on those ‘alternate’ sequences.  Remember that awesome Jyn vs TIE Fighter shot in the trailer?

“Yeah, it’s going to have to remain a myth because it’s sort of the thing where you’re trying ideas out to find the right version of the movie, and at the same time marketing is getting excited about certain shots and moments.”

This week, in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Screenwriter Gary Whitta described an early draft of Rogue One’s ending that had Jyn and Cassian surviving and escaping the battle on Scarif via a rebel ship with the Death Star plans.  Leia and Co would receive the plans in ship to ship transfer.

“Darth Vader was still in pursuit and began attacking Jyn’s shuttle as the Rebels tried desperately to transfer the information from the data tapes to Leia’s vessel. Finally, Vader was successful in breaching their shields and destroying the craft.

The audience would have been left fearing the heroes were dead. But as Vader’s Star Destroyer ventures off to chase Leia’s Tantive IV, we would have remained focused on the shuttle fragments floating in the vastness of space. They got away in an escape pod just in time.  The pod looked like just another piece of debris.”

Yeah a little to cheesy you might say and not quite as effective as the finale we were given.  The sacrifice the team made for the greater good has a far more meaningful impact than this early idea.  Hopefully we get more fun facts about Rogue One leading up to the Blu Ray release.

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