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Rotten Tomatoes Responds to Facebook Group “Sabotaging” Black Panther

written by Jordan Cobb February 2, 2018
Black Panther and Rotten Tomatoes

You know I’m a passionate fan too, but the lengths some go to for their fandom is just outrageous. Case in point.

Black Panther is set to be released soon and yeah, I’m pretty stoked to see the king of Wakanda have his own solo adventure on the silver screen. Some aren’t however. A Facebook group popped up recently titled “Down with Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys”. Their purpose being flooding the ever popular review aggregation site, Rotten Tomatoes, with poor audience scores when it comes out. 3,700 people agreed to participate in an event titled, “Give Black Panther a Rotten Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes”.

Personally, I have gotten sick of Rotten Tomatoes apparently becoming The Empire, as if it seems to be the reason a movie succeeds or fails. Mainly with the superhero films coming out, sooner or later some can’t get past the fact others don’t like the film, so its the fault of Rotten Tomatoes. They are why the DC films aren’t succeeding.

Well, the people at the site seemed to be annoyed as well since they have released a statement about the group and its intentions. Saying:

We at Rotten Tomatoes are proud to have become a platform for passionate fans to debate and discuss entertainment and we take that responsibility seriously. While we respect our fans’ diverse opinions, we do not condone hate speech. Our team of security, network and social experts continue to closely monitor our platforms and any users who engage in such activities will be blocked from our site and their comments removed as quickly as possible.

Something similar happened when The Last Jedi was coming out, to flood its page with negative scores thanks to Disney manipulating the press into creating bad buzz for the DC films adapted by Warner Bros. Oh and by the same group as well. Go figure. Well, still won’t stop the film from making a projected $130 million opening weekend.

After the statement, the group page was strangely no longer available.

This has just gotten ridiculous in so many ways. Look, just love what you love and stop trying to make others feel bad about what they prefer. Why is that so hard?

What do you think of the news? Are you excited for Black Panther? Let us know in the comments!

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