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RUMOR: Skyrim Remaster May be Coming

written by Jon "BatPool" M June 6, 2016
Skyrim Remastered

We here at DHTG are squirming with excitement for this year’s E3 conference. With less than a week to go, the predictions and rumors are flying in at high speed. One of the latest rumors involves one of Bethesda’s crown jewels, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

According to a highly trusted gaming industry insider that goes by Shinobi602Bethesda is currently working on “a remaster of sorts” and should expect some big news coming from the developers at E3. Shinobi602 said this on a podcast called H.A.M. Radio by YouTube user MrMattyPlays. The podcast runs about an hour long, but you can check it out below, or if you want, you can skip past it.

If a remaster is in fact coming, we could safely assume that it would HAVE to be Skyrim, right? Ever since Microsoft announced backwards compatibility last year, fans of the hit Role Playing Game have demanded for a port to the Xbox One. As a business move, this would be a smart for Bethesda, especially with the success of  Fallout 4’s mods that recently became available on Xbox One and coming soon for Playstation 4. Can you imagine getting Skyrim mods on console?

Skyrim Remastered Mods

Of course, this is all hearsay and nothing is confirmed. Whether Shinobi602 is correct or not will be revealed on Sunday, June 12. How excited would you geeks be if this rumor is confirmed? Be sure to stay tuned with us here at DHTG as we will be covering E3 this year.

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