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Running the Ropes: New IWGP Championship, Rock for President

written by Jordan Cobb May 14, 2017

Hey there guys its time to do a little roundup of the biggest news involved in the world of professional wrestling recently, its time to start Running the Ropes!

The Most Electrifying White House in All of Politics

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can just seemingly do about everything. Sing, dance, act, wrestle, and lift all of the things! Have you seen his arms?!

Well he might want to dip his hand into the political arena as it were. Johnson recently spoke to GQ and aid there is a “real possibility” of him running for President of the United States one day. Well he could certainly land Florida being a native of Miami. If so, he might just be the most charismatic president ever. I mean just watch any interview or some of his old WWF/E promos. That man can just say anything and it’ll be delightful. Well good luck to you there Rock!

IWGP United States Championship

New Japan Pro Wrestling have recently announced that during the G-1 Climax tournament special shows here in the United States at the start of July, there will be a round-robin tournament to crown the first ever, IWGP United States Champion. The move is actually kinda exciting considering the number of American talent that have performed in NJPW and its ever growing popularity across the world. A US Championship is a smart on their part as it would allow for more expansion. It also looks very nice.

Confirmed already for the tournament are former Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal and Bullet Club member Adam “Hangman” Page.

Bullet Club Gains a Villain

Now speaking of Bullet Club, at the recent Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling co-produced War of the Worlds tour former three-time ROH World Champion Adam Cole was booted out of Bullet Club from current leader Kenny Omega and replaced with ROH World Television Champion Marty Scurll, personally my favorite wrestler today. The Villain even had a custom made Bullet Club umbrella on him, which I will admit to wanting to buy right now.

The show was Cole’s swan song in ROH and thus the rumors of his arrival in WWE’s NXT are gaining some ground. Wherever Cole goes next, he will certainly be a major name.

Swerved Into Court

WWE superstar Titus O’Neil might be heading to court soon over a prank done on WWE’s hidden camera prank show, Swerved. Former WWE camerman Donald Anderson has filed a lawsuit against O’Neil from an incident that occured on May 18, 2015 during the filming of Swerved where O’Neil as zapped with a cattle prod and went after Anderson.

Titus kicked the camera out of Anderson’s hand, which caused severe injuries to Anderson’s hand, fingers, and wrist. He is seeking $1.2 million in damages and O’Neil has not released any comment on the situation right now.

My Sweet Home Chicago!

Wrestling next weekend will be focused on the city of Chicago, one of the most revered wrestling towns in the world. It is also home to fans that will have no problem shouting out what they really feel as WWE will hold the latest NXT TakeOver event and the SmackDown Live event, Backlash this upcoming Saturday and Sunday night. The headliners for each respective show will be Hideo Itami challenging Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship and Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal. Certainly looks to be two nights of exciting wrestling!

Best Match Ever…Recently

Right now is the time to highlight the best wrestling match I have personally viewed and I gotta go right back to What Culture Pro Wrestling. WCPW recently held their No Regrets iPPV.

Cody Rhodes defended the WCPW Internet Championship against The Prestige leader Joe Hendry and Gabriel Kidd. The match had a great story going in Joe Hendry finally wanting to win gold in WCPW and Gabriel Kidd still looking for his very first win in the company, which he thankfully did! Moments like this are why pro wrestling is pretty fun. The journey viewers were taken on with Kidd was phenomenal and he is a damn fine talent in the ring at only 20 years of age. Yes, he’s seriously just only 20. Of course Hendry and Rhodes are other great talents in the ring so the three of them together was gonna be magic and you can watch that match in its entirety below!

Well that has been the week in wrestling, what were your thoughts? Best matches? Are you excited for TakeOver Chicago and Backlash? Let us know in the comments below!

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