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Running the Ropes: Non-Stop WrestleMania Thrill Ride

written by Jordan Cobb April 8, 2017

Apologies for not having anything for last week, but I was indeed caught up in all the hype, spectacle, and grander of WrestleMania weekend and as a lifelong wrestling fan, its hard not to be. Sure we can all truly have our cynical thoughts about the business from time to time, but man when spring comes around and it all catches up to you, you just gotta get excited.

So now that I’ve recovered from my huge wrestling hangover, we’re gonna keep on the subject of WrestleMania. Ring the bell!

WrestleMania 33

So first off, holy hell, this was long. I mean really, really long. I expected that for Mania, but I wasn’t expecting this to crossover into midnight. Vince McMahon, what is wrong with you?!

Anyway, I can safely say that the ultimate thrill ride was indeed a success and a far more enjoyable show compared to the slog that was last year’s event. The spectacle of it all certainly lived up to it with that awesomely massive roller coaster stage and the scope of the Camping World Stadium, especially at nighttime.

Any issues I have stem from a lackluster pre-show outside of the opening with the very good Cruiserweight Championship match and on the main show it was either pacing issues (Raw Women’s Championship, the concert) or disappointing decisions (Randy Orton winning and the Mixed Tag Team Match). Really it was an overall solid show that featured a far better match than expected between AJ Styles and Shane McMahon, the deafening return of Matt and Jeff Hardy who would win the Raw Tag Team Championship, amazing storytelling and action between Seth Rollins and Triple H, and an actual entertaining match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar! Seriously, that just blew me away.

The U.S. and SmackDown Women’s Championship matches as well were ones I enjoyed.

Now of course for the biggest story out of WrestleMania, the retirement of The Undertaker. Now I will say that the main event between Undertaker and Roman Reigns was one of the lesser parts of the overall event and that the ending did seem a little flat in how it just ended, but I will say that for the condition Undertaker was in, it was amazing that he had the match that he did.

The Undertaker is always going to be my favorite professional wrestler of all time because he really exemplifies wrestling to me in character, storytelling, and being incredible gifted when it comes to the business itself. Now to be honest, it was truly time for him to go and given that we as fans got to see him hang up the boots, it’s a blessing that he did and it became a moment we will never forget. The Undertaker has meant so much to so many people and his legacy will never be forgotten. See you when we see you, Taker. Enjoy the time off.


Raw and SmackDown got real interesting the days after WrestleMania and there was really just so much happening, that I’m really just going to hit the main bullet points here as to the great stuff that happened.

  • Raw’s opening promo with loud booming cheers for Undertaker before everyone booed Roman Reigns as if he has Superman Punched everyone in the arena’s pets. Roman stood there for a good while, boos coming in before simply saying, “This is my yard now,” and walking away. Might already be the best promo of the year.
  • NXT call-ups were amazing! The Revival finally make it to the main roster on Raw and Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillinger make an impact at SmackDown, congrats to all, well deserved!
  • Welcome back Finn Bálor, Emma, and Erick Rowan, but especially you Finn, oh how we have missed you. Emma, well I’m a bit cold on given all that Emmalina crap, and I’m happy to see some form of the Wyatt Family still exist!
  • The Hardy Boyz are still the tag team champions. I feel like that is a special point because in 2017, the Hardy Boyz are once again tag team champions inside of WWE. I’m still comprehending that.
  • AJ Styles appears to be on the verge of a full face turn and its about time WWE pulled that trigger. For those hoping the same will happen with Roman being a heel, well just put your focus to something else.
  • The Miz and Maryse are still amazing and I want them to have bigger things after the feud with Cena and Nikki.
  • The crowds were as loud as ever post-Mania and there were beach balls aplenty in the crowd.
  • Lastly, Kurt Angle is our new General Manger of Raw, proceed to mark out all over the place. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I would say there was big fallout on NXT from TakeOver: Orlando, but really the most noticeable thing was The Drifter trying to come back into NXT under a new persona and mask. NXT TakeOver: Orlando I will say however was an exceptional show where once again the match for the NXT Tag Team Championship stole the show and made me realize why that form of wrestling is so exciting. Oh and Drew Galloway is heading back to WWE as Drew McIntyre in NXT. WHAT?!

Superstar Shake-up

The last thing is really the main takeaway after WrestleMania and that is we won’t appear to have a draft for Raw and SmackDown like in brand extension past, but a Superstar Shake-up, that will occur on this upcoming Monday and Tuesday’s Raw and SmackDown Live. GM’s Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan will be making trades between each show and that no one on any roster is safe, including champions.

I’m sure am curious to see what this does for the WWE roster.

That’s been it, and before we go, major congratulations of course to the WWE Hall of Fame 2017 class, everyone of them very much deserved it.

What were your thoughts on WrestleMania 33? Favorite match? What do you want from the Superstar Shake-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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