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SabreScreen iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector Sponsored REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg September 17, 2015

71G3a6DLEnL._SL1470_Don’t you hate scratches in your device screen? Let’s see a show of hands of how many of you do not use screen protectors? Quite a few of you huh? I know I used to not use them as I couldn’t ever seem to get them on right and I would always end up with bubbles or something under the screen that drove me nuts. Good new is that tech has changed. Now tempered glass screen protectors is where it is at. These kinds of screen protectors are very easy to put on and you do not end up with bubbles…although you can still get stuff under the screen if you are not careful during the installation. Another thing I really like is that tempered glass actually helps protect the screen from drops and scratches not just minor scratches.

SabreScreen sent us out one of their screens for the iPhone 6 and I have been a big fan of it. Yes they quality of these are almost all very similar but cost is one thing that totally changes. At $9.95 on Amazon this is a perfect price point for a great product. Some of the features you will find using this screen protector:

  • Tempered Ballistic Glass iPhone 6 (4.7″) screen protector. Features world’s Ultimate security against impact from drops, scratches, cuts & crack prevention.
  • Amazing Warranty with hassle free support to guarantee a Stellar Buying Experience.
  • Complete with anti-fingerprint oleophobic screen coating to maintain that Clear Immaculate HD viewing experience!
  • Optimum thickness providing the best Technology to bring you the best protection with incredible Touch Screen Accuracy.
  • Simplest Installation the for first time user. Free of bubbles or ripples complete with installation kit.


I really like how this screen is case friendly. This means that I can use the case without it folding up the edges of the screen protector. The installation kit is standard with the alcohol wipe and dust removal sticker and made installation very easy and took less than a few minutes.

If you need a screen protector and want to save some cash this is a great option. Check them out on the Amazon link below to get yours now.

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