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Sad to say but the Samsung Note 7 should be end of life

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg October 10, 2016
Note 7 on fire

Note 7 on fire

If any of you have been following us, you know we love the Samsung Note 7. In our review it was rated as one of the best phones made to date. During the first recall (due to the batteries catching fire or exploding) we stood by our review. “Samsung is taking care of it by doing the recall and sending out exchanged devices that have been fixed” is what I was telling everyone….not anymore.

Samsung was quick to get replacement Note 7’s out to the US in what most called one of the biggest recalls in phone history. I looked over my little green icon on my replacement and fell back in love with my device that I have been missing for the two weeks during the replacement time. It felt right. I was glad to have it back and spent most of my time shaking off the jokes and comments everyone had when they saw I was carrying a Note 7.


It saddens me to say with recent news that now the replacements are catching fire as well. With new news everyday we are hearing and seeing replacement devices going up in smoke, some worse than others. Almost every news outlet has condemned the device, carriers are now allowing returning of the Note 7, and Samsung has halted the sale of any new devices while they research the current units that are catching fire. I am watching my Note 7 dreams go up in flames.

I sit here now looking at my iPhone 7 Plus. My Note 7 sitting on my desk powered off awaiting the hangman. There are times I want to take it and stress-test the hell out of it and see if I can make something happen. If it doesn’t am I safe? Could something happen over time? Will this phone explode while on my face in VR? Yes I understand there are always chances when it comes to batteries, and yes other phones have had here and there issues. With that said I do not feel I should be afraid of my phone. I should not worry every single time it starts to warm up if this is GO TIME!


What should Samsung do here? Do you think they should issue yet another recall? Will that make any of you feel any better? Do you think the Note 7 is dead to the world and it is just time to throw in the towel? I do not know where I stand with it just yet but I do know I really wish they would have figured this out right away. There was so much good in the Note 7 and it really was bringing the bar high for other manufactures. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you are still carrying yours be careful folks…this is not a test.

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