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Samsung Drops Invites for MWC. Is This the Galaxy S8?

written by Jude Kasekamp January 31, 2017
Samsung Press Conference banner, February 26, 2017

Samsung needs to have a huge 2017. It seems like they may be off to a strong start. The South Korean electronics giant has shipped out invites to their press conference at Mobile World Congress. Tech nerds everywhere immediately ask, “Will this be the Galaxy S8?”

Samsung Press Conference banner, February 26, 2017

Here’s what we know: The invite is the usual cryptic tease that tech companies love to put out. We know the press conference will be held on February 26, 2017, in Barcelona. We also know that it will be streamed live on Samsung’s Galaxy website.

Unfortunately, this probably won’t be the Galaxy S8, as everything points to a completely different device. Looking at the proportions of the screen and bezels, the preview image hints at what might be a tablet. Also, Samsung’s typical “Unpacked” branding is missing, which is usually reserved for their flagship device launches.

Whether this will be something along the lines of a Galaxy Tab or not should give us a good indication of the direction Samsung wants to go in this year. It should be some kind of Galaxy, but there is a chance Samsung might switch it up to generate some much-needed excitement. By introducing a completely new product, they may be taking a calculated risk to recoup their Note 7 losses. By playing it safe, they would show that they are circling their wagons and are biding their time after that fiasco.

The eagerly anticipated Galaxy S8 will reportedly be announced at the end of March. With rumours of a bezel-less display, and the pressure of making up for the failure of the Note 7, it will truly be a sink or swim moment for Samsung. The S7 and S7 Edge have carried the torch for about a year now, and the company needs a new entry into the field. After all, the list of competitive flagship smartphones released since last spring continues to grow.

Will you geeks pick up this latest device, if it’s a tablet? Are you excited about the Galaxy S8? Or, has Samsung lost your business after your Note 7 exploded? Let us know!

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