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Is Samsung fixing the smartwatch game?

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 14, 2016

Samsung, maker of my beloved Galaxy phones, is at it again with their recent patent. Could smartwatches finally be useful?

According to a recent patent by Samsung, the South Korean manufacturer is aiming to fix the biggest gripe against smartwatches – the lack of a full keyboard.

The patent shows Samsung using a tiny projector inside the watch to display a number pad on the back of a user’s wrist or even plaster a useful keyboard on the forearm of the wearer. Cameras would interact with the projected images and they would relay the “button presses” to the watch. If the company can pull this off, smartwatches may explode on the market.

It's a diagram

Right now, smartwatches are considered a niche market with low adaptation rates amongst the mass markets. Those that have purchased and worn the devices have complained about the limitations of the watch. If there is a keyboard, the keys are too tiny for most hands. Some watches only have pre loaded responses for peeps to use in case of a call or text. Not quite the vision of the old Dick Tracy watch.

While this is just a patent and by no means is it proof Samsung is actively working on the swell projector watch, this is exciting news. They’ve been on a roll with devices like the TabPro S and then there’s the patent for smart contact┬álenses and who can forget the Gear VR? We are living in such a tech life right now.

It's a diagram

What do my tech geeks think? Is this something you would find useful or are you over the whole smartwatch push? I still have yet to purchase one as I have huge hands and I can’t use those tiny buttons. If I needed a stylus, I would rather use a Galaxy Note. Go ahead and sound off in the comments section about how you feel. I’m curious about your thoughts.

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