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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg May 17, 2016

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung has their hands in everything. They have pushed hard to get into the PC market and the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S shows that want is still very much there. When looking at the TabPro S you can’t help but feel like it is a tablet. The feel and look is almost like every other Samsung tablet on the market with smooth edges, thin (super thin) casing and very few buttons. Once you dive into the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S that is where the tablet feel stops and you step right into PC land, but is it worth it at the $899 price tag?

Out of the box

When opening up the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S you see that you get the included keyboard (take that Microsoft and Apple) with your purchase, of course the rapid charger and USB-C cable to go with it…yes USB-C (nice job Sammy), and a few quick start guides. Packaging is fairly simple but elegant enough to warrant the feeling after a big purchase.

The feel of the tablet is wonderful. Very light at one and half pounds coming in just under the iPad Pro. This is nice as most full-size tablets always seem to tire out the user after long periods of holding. The thin and light metallic body on the TabPro S did not seem to have this effect through my testing. With very few buttons around the edges you have one great feeling tablet.

Keyboard is a must 

The TabPro S took one step above its competition by including the keyboard into the purchase. I love this idea. There is nothing more infuriating when looking at the these big laptop replacement tablets and knowing you have to buy a $100 keyboard on top of cost…and of course you are going to want a keyboard.


My first impressions of the keyboard were not very good. I could not get over how light (almost cheap) the keyboard felt. The Tab has little magnets to keep it attached to the back of the tablet around the camera area. The other end has a pretty strong magnet to hold it into the base. This allows you to sit the tablet up on your lap or table and use it more as a laptop. The bottom magnet holds very well but, I cannot say the same to the magnets on the back of the device. I had a hard time getting it to line up and stay lined up through use. There have been a few times while situating myself in a chair the tablet would flip backwards and land face first on the floor. Once used to this you become more aware and careful.

The keys are all receded and flush so typing can take you a little while to get used to, but once you do it is a breeze.

No matter how many times I tried to get by in tablet form I found that the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is so much easier to use with the keyboard. I am not sure if it is the size or the full Windows Home edition but I found as a tablet it was uncomfortable to operate. I am sure anyone with a iPad Pro or a large tablet feels this pain as they try to sit the tablet flat to really do some work and type on the on-screen keyboard. Good news is the thinness of the keyboard makes it nice to always have on so you do not have to come across those issues.

Hardware and Specs

With a 6th Gen Intel Core M processor you are a little below in raw power behind the Surface Pro (if you upgraded the version). Although I would have like to see a little beefier processor the M holds up well with the 4GB of RAM with all the productivity apps that I use. Keep in mind this tablet is made for productivity not gaming. I normally bounce between Slack, Chrome, WordPress, Twitter and a few others and there wasn’t any issues at all. Everything feels snappy and quick. The only time that I felt a real stutter was when switching orientation. I feel it was more of a Windows issue than a tablet issue. Windows just cannot figure out the tablet and detachable keyboard format.


With a 12″ 2160×1440 Super AMOLED everything looks amazing. Samsung is known for those over saturated colors on the Galaxy line that look so great to most of us, and the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is no different. If you have not used a AMOLED display you are missing out. The blacks look so dark and colors are bright and vibrant. I do worry about screen burn but Samsung built-in a few little tweaks to Windows to help this and battery consumption….and a very annoying screen saver.

Battery life has been decent with the 5,200mAh battery in the TabPro S. Specs say around 10 hours but with normal use I was seeing about 6-7 hours. With the rapid charge USB-C (the only port on the tablet except the 3.5 headphone jack) charging is very quick and fast. No wireless charging but you do have NFC capabilities built in.

There is front and rear cameras at 5MP on both sides.

You have two options on memory with the TabPro S with 128GB or 256GB. There is not any expandable memory with SD card so make sure and get the size you are looking for.

Wrap Up With the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

All in all the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a great alternative to carrying a laptop everywhere you go. I have been on it for about two weeks (writing this review on it now) and have really enjoyed it. Sure there are some things that could be better. I would have liked to see the specs kicked up a little but it works fine. It is not made to game on and is made for those looking to be productive.

Out of the review my issues are not really even with the tablet…more of Windows and how it works in tablet form. There are minor little quirks and things that I hope to see worked out as Microsoft (maybe) figures things out. All in all I have been very pleased with the Samsung TabPro S and would highly recommend it to anyone out there in the work world as a tablet or laptop replacement. You cannot beat the size when you are running to class or walking into a meeting.

Big shout out to NFM for providing us with the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. When it comes to tech they are your one stop shop (and where we shop!!!). Computer hardware, tablets, phones and so much more. Check out the link here to get yours ordered.

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