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Samsung gets patents for smart contact lens tech.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. April 7, 2016
It's a diagram

It's a diagram

Oh Samsung, how you continue to surprise me. First you drop a cool tablet like the TabPro S (which looks fire guys) but now you’ve gone and gotten some sweet sweet patents in South Korea for smart contact lenses.

The contact lenses will house mini cameras and sensors that the wearer will control via blinks and eye movements.

What we’re hoping for is a sick heads up display that can rapidly use things like facial recognition to access someone’s Facebook profile or a heartbeat monitor to see if they are physically ok. The applications for private use are endless really. We’re talking out Glassing Google Glass here. Imagine blinking and taking a picture of whatever you’re looking at and instantly uploading it to all your social networking sites. Better yet, running into that old chum from high school, the one you forgot the name of. It happens but with these in your eyeballs you can use facial recognition to scan them and get their info. No more awkward “Hey buddy” conversations again.

Right now these patents are only in South Korea and are clearly in the very early stages. We can keep dreaming for the future though. What do my tech obsessed geeks think? Would you wear these? Are they too much? Comments, hit them up!

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