Home News Samsung introduces Gear Live, their new wearable smartwatch.

Samsung introduces Gear Live, their new wearable smartwatch.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 25, 2014


Today at Google I\O, Samsung showed off their newest smartwatch running Android Wear, the Gear Live. The Verge got a hands on with one and it’s big. They say it’s a quality piece of equipment but right now they don’t know its full capabilities as it was running only in “Retail Mode”.

The band is a nice sized rubberized one, the display big and bright at 1.63 inches and it’s bedazzled in chrome. Basically it looks like a Gear 2 from all impressions.  There’s one button, spots for wireless charging and a heart rate monitor for the health freaks. There is a slight bezel around the display, a bit more than usual. Verge says the screen unfortunately is washed out in bright light and hard to see. Well shucks, that defeats the purpose of a watch.

The Gear Live is available for pre-order now and will ship on July 7th for $199. What do you geeks think? Have the wearables hit their peak or just hitting their stride? Check out the close up shots below courtesy of the Verge.

DSC_0295-2040_verge_super_wideDSC_0306-2040_verge_super_wideGear Live 5

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The Verge

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