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Samsung may stop you from using that Note 7 for you.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. September 10, 2016
It's a Burnt Note 7

It's a Burnt Note 7

If by now you haven’t turned off that brand new Samsung Note 7 and gone for the replacement deal, what are you doing? Don’t be that guy, ok? There’s no need to run the risk of catching yourself on fire or worse.

The thing is Samsung might have a way to kick your butt out of using it by the end of the month. The company is working on a way to shut down non replaced units by September 30, which is good but scary.

Samsung has stated they want Note 7 users for now to power down the device and go for the replacement service ASAP but some users haven’t quite gotten the memo yet or are adamantly refusing. Which is why we’re seeing reports of big, bad fires. It’s gotten to the point that the FAA is asking people to keep them powered down during flights or better yet, not bring them on board.

What happens if you take the smart route and do the replacement? You get a new Note 7, an enhanced version of the Gear VR, a prepaid shipping box and $25 in either a gift card, in store credit or carrier bill credit. Reports are stating that the replacement units will be shipping out on the 19th of this month so not that long of a wait.

Okay geeks, where do you stand on this Note 7 fiasco? I think Samsung has handled it rather well but has it turned you off of its devices in the future? Will you give them a second chance? Sound off below!

Source: Phandroid

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