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Samsung Ready to Announce Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Results

written by Jordan Cobb November 30, 2016

Here we are again with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung’s technological equivalent of boasting what a gifted pianist their child is and once they put them out there for everyone to see, they hit all the wrong keys and its not a good time for everyone involved.


What should have been the crowning achievement for not just Samsung, but Android phones altogether snowballed into a huge public relations nightmare. Once reports of the phone overheating and even catching on fire came in from various customers, Samsung’s world got turned upside down. They of course took immediate action in taking back the defective phones that were already out on the market and once they fixed there battery issue, but it back out there with safer replacement phones. That of course as we all know, did not work as the replacements had just as about the same problems as the originals. All of this led to Samsung halting production on the phone entirely after a second recall was implemented.

Much still isn’t known about what exactly went wrong with the phone that has cost Samsung to lose an estimated $3 billion over, but we may know something soon enough. Many outlets in Korea have reported that the tech giant is looking to finalize the ongoing internal investigation into the matter and report its results with the public before the end of this year.


This should come as no surprise as Samsung would love to move on from this fiasco and give its customers some reassurance that when their next mobile device comes out they will have worked out all the details from what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7 and let them know how far different this will be than last time.

Are you excited to finally know what was the problem with the Galaxy Note 7? Are you still a Samsung customer after the whole ordeal? Let us know in the comments below!

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