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Sandman Slim Has a Director and He Kicks Ass!

written by Ro February 23, 2018
Sandman Slim Director Announcement

Now that I’ve stopped screaming like a fangirl, I’m here to share some film news! Sandman Slim has a director and he kicks ass…literally. Former stuntman and John Wick franchise director, Chad Stahelski, has officially signed on to direct the film adaptation of Sandman Slim.

Studio 8 scooped up the rights to best-selling author Richard Kadrey’s urban fantasy series with an eye towards creating a franchise in 2016. The studio may be slowly rolling out films to audiences, but it’s definitely seeking variety with the projects it’s putting in the pipeline.

I’ve been a Stahelski fan since he doubled for Brandon Lee in The Crow and then stayed on board to complete the film. His unique skill-set and martial arts background (kick-boxing and Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan) brings an entirely new kind of edge to his action films.

If anyone can bring this fierce noir-style action story to life with all due violence without neglecting its unique story, Stahelski’s a safe bet. The current screenplay’s written by Kerry Williamson, who’s credits include Alex Cross and What Happened to Monday. The project does not yet have a production date.

Sandman Slim

I read and collect books the way other people cop sneakers and throwback jerseys. Owning multiple editions of the same books is a thing. I buy them the way some folks buy own Jordans and never take them out of the box. I talk about fictional characters as though I went to dinner with the night before. They call me BookBlerd for a reason.

When it comes to urban fantasy, I often prefer it to come with great characters who may just be more damaged than anyone realizes and therefore, prone to violence. Yes, I know what that says about me….what of it?

James “Sandman Slim” Stark, is an escapee from hell. After hearing about the murder of his girlfriend, he breaks out to avenge her death and hunt down the people responsible for his landing in hell to justice and I don’t mean a jury trial.

Richard Kadrey‘s James Stark is like no other anti-hero I’ve read. His voice has an old school-edge like a good noir flick in a modern, gritty L.A. setting. He’s a man with a mission and a justifiable chip on his shoulder. Stark takes on the weird, wicked and unexplained from Hell, Heaven and everywhen in between in this adrenaline-fueled, series.

To date, there are nine books in the Sandman Slim series with a tenth, Hollywood Dead, due August 28, 2018.

This series is one of my favorites and gets a re-read yearly. Richard Kadrey always brings the unexpected and surrealness that keeps on your toes and turning the pages.

The only thing taking up more space in my apartment, are movies. Naturally, more than half are book adaptations. You can believe I’m more than happy to make room for films featuring my favorite hellish badass, James Stark.

What do you think of the choice? You happy about the decision? Let us know in the comments!

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