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SCIO, The Star Trek Tricorder… Almost

written by Atomicfireball August 23, 2015



It is about time someone made a Star Trek tricorder, so I can know what is really in that Caesar salad that is causing my stomach to act like Klingons at a Bar Mitzvah. Luckily for me, and potentially my gastric tract, there is now something close; The SCIO.


SCIO is a pocket spectrometer, that in conjunction with your phone or connected device, allows the user to quickly determine the chemical makeup of ordinary matter. Go to a restaurant, order food, waiter plops it down and now you can pull out your SCIO and within seconds know what is actually in the food.

Scanning Avocado

It works by using near infrared spectroscopy. Light is applied to the object and the small device reads the various wavelengths. Then, using your connected device, it uploads the information to the SCIO database and returns the information. Thus giving you information about the object.


Of course it’s cool, but the best is yet to come. As more and more users upload the information, the database grows, adding more and more information covering a wider array of objects and information. So while currently it might only tell you the calorie count, eventually it will cover the entire chemical makeup of different matter.

SCiO in different positions

This isn’t a medical device, so you can’t really go pointing it at people. Although I am sure some will try to whatever you do. Don’t use it as an medical tool. However, it is great for determining the health of your plants. Still, it is not limited to just making sure your plants get enough light.

It is about time a product, that has been used in labs, becomes available to the public and small and compact enough use. Best of all, it shows us that technology is going the way of Star Trek. Bad news, there has to be WW III for us to eventually get all the really cool stuff, at least according to Star Trek. 


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