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Sea Of Thieves E3 Trailer and Gameplay Revealed!

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. June 13, 2016

Rare just released their official trailer debut of what they’re calling their biggest game yet, Sea Of Thieves in honor of E3. Sea Of Thieves will be an Xbox exclusive¬†and is an open-world pirate MMORPG. It features gameplay with your crew, which requires you to collectively set sail, face off with other ships as well as the most important pirate duty, the consumption of rum.

The trailer takes you through a slow motion type video, introducing you to different members of a crew, engaging in high seas cannon battle with another enemy ship, bailing out and being chased by sharks and what looks to be mermaid like creatures. The trailer also features a hauntingly beautiful theme song in typical pirate fashion.


The Xbox YouTube channel also revealed a bit of the game play footage which definitely looks into the personality of the game. It looks to be quite an immersive pirate game with a wonderfully eccentric art style to match the lighthearted feel of the game play. Feel free to watch the video below!


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