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Sean Schemmel believes Dragon Ball Super is definitive series

written by Alex Lopez July 30, 2017

Is Dragon Ball Super the definitive Dragon Ball series? Sean Schemmel, the American Goku voice actor, thinks it is. During a panel at Anime Expo 2017, the actor stated that he believes Dragon Ball Super will eclipse Dragon Ball Z.

Schemmel first took the role of Goku in 1999, and for many, is the voice of Goku. It is a bit surprising that he would think so highly of the show, considering most opinions. He does have good reason to think the way he does. He believes that Dragon Ball Super is the perfect mix of both the original Dragon Ball and DBZ. Schemmel also likes the approach Dragon Ball Super take with Goku. “It’s important to know that Goku from the way I glean it is not a character designed to – he’s always representing the beginner’s mind” says Schemmel. Schemmel says that Goku’s beginner’s mind always takes form as a fighter. “What I thought was fascinating about Super was all the facets of himself that we get to see. Like, he’s dealing with a cell phone and being a radish farmer”.

Seeing a different side of Goku does help to add some depth to him, even if there is no depth in Goku’s head. Of course, Dragon Ball Z is the definitive series for most fans. In fact, most fans credit Dragon Ball Z as the anime that got them into anime. So it is a bold statement to come out and say that Dragon Ball Super will one day be that series. However, a new generation is coming along and like those before, Super may be the anime that starts it all. Could Super become the definitive Dragon Ball series? Only time will tell.

Sounds off, geeks! Do you agree that Dragon Ball Super will become the definitive series? Let us know in the comments.

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