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SecuPower Desktop 50W 10A Multi-Port Charger REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg May 12, 2015

CHARGE ALL THE THINGS!!!!! How messy is the spot where you charge all of the things in your house? I know we have this sloppy are in one of the corners of our kitchen where we charge all of our phones and tablets. Now we throw in some of the new tech like watches and fitbits and other wearables and this has turned into the worst birds nest of wires I have ever seen. SecuPower sent us out their multi-port USB charger to help with the craziness of our cables. I have loved this little black box of power sitting on my counter since then. GIVEAWAY BELOW!

The SecuPower Charger keeps everything so clean plus I love that it has the intelligent chip in all of the ports so you do not have to worry about over charging. The ports themselves are all capable of up to 2.4V for charging so you can even charge faster than most of your factory chargers. They did a great job of making it very portable but it does come with a nifty little stand that I did end up using as you can see in the video review.


Good news out there geeks SecuPower is going to offer up one of these to one of you lucky geeks. All you have to do to win is hit the entry box below and follow the social share option you choose and bang you are entered. If you can’t wait or want to order another one of these now (we did) hit the Amazon link and grab it for only $29.99.

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