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See the Death Star in Action in the New Rogue One Trailer

written by Jake Tanner November 12, 2016
Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a little over a month away and fans are chomping at the bit to see more of it. Disney has released a new international trailer that shows the Death Star in action! You can take a look below:

The trailer is subtitled in Japanese, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get some great stuff in it. It’s definitely a re-cut of one of the trailers released in America, but they’ve added and subtracted parts out of it. We get to see an operational Death star, and some more Darth Vader. I’ll admit, I wasn’t thrilled for this movie when it was announced. Disney has done a great job changing my mind. It really seems like they’ve got a great, compelling story to tell…even if we know how it’s going to end.

Rogue One: A Star Wars story takes place in between Episodes III and IV. It tells the story of the rag-tag group of rebels that attempted to steal the plans to the Death Star. Luke Skywalker goes on to destroy the Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, but it really looks like there’s SO much more to the story than Rogue One stealing the plans. I’m really hoping to see more of the transition of Anakin into Darth Vader.

Rogue One is slated to release on December 18th, 2016. I’m definitely fully on-board for this film now. After the advertising campaign Disney has put behind it, how could you not be?

Are you guys going to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? I can’t wait to see more of Donnie Yen and just who his character is going to be. Is there a particular character you’re looking forward to? If not, what are you most excited for? Join in on the conversation in the comments below!

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