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Sega Genesis Flashback Console Announced

written by Gareth Holton June 10, 2017
Genesis Flashback box
A significant portion of my younger years were spent button bashing my way through Streets of Rage and Golden Axe on my Sega Genesis. With original consoles becoming sought after collector’s items, it often gets a little pricey nowadays to be able to play the games you loved in the format that they were originally created. We’re quite lucky to live in an age where it’s not so difficult anymore thanks to retro console re-issues and t was only a matter of time before another gaming console giant jumped on the retro band wagon.
Genesis console
AtGames just announced the Genesis Flashback console that will hit the shelves in September. The units will sport 85 built-in classic games including Sonic The Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Virtua Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat and Phantasy Star IV. Not enough you say?  No problems because the Genesis Flashback will have Genesis/Megadrive cartridge compatibility as well, a solid feature that Nintendo missed out on.
2 Genesis style 2.4ghz wireless controllers will be included. Not only that but you’ll also be able to plug-in and use original Genesis controllers using the console’s built-in classic ports. The ability to save, pause and rewind gameplay has been implemented too.  You’ll be able to play around with those pixels in glorious 720p definition via HDMI. Already, this sounds like the new benchmark for classic console releases. It’s rumored that Nintendo will be releasing a classic SNES console later this year too but it now appears that they’ve got some hot competition with Sega’s offering.
Due to Nintendo’s inability to keep up with high demand, the NES Classic was discontinued and was subsequently labelled as a bit of a failure by some. There’s no denying that these revamped classic consoles are a huge hit and I for one will be grabbing one of these and the SNES classic when they are released later this year. Just as long as Sony don’t think about releasing the PlayStation Classic console. I’m not ready to feel that old just yet!
Which classic console to you want to be released next? Let us know in the comments below!

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