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Sega to Turn Their Old Video Games into Movies

written by April Carvelli December 14, 2014
Sega and their Iconic Character Sonic

Sega and their Iconic Character Sonic

Many of us remember the old classics such as Golden Axe, Virtual Fighter, and Crazy Taxi. They were fun games for their time, in fact many of us still enjoy playing them occasionally. However, Sega is currently working to develop them into feature films, TV shows and digital series.

Video games have been a notoriously bad choice for movie material, with very few having any notable or even moderate success. One of few successful adaptations was by Paul W.S. Anderson with the Resident Evil series. Other films, such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, might be enjoyable as ‘B’ movies, but even ‘A-List’ casting didn’t save them from failing in the box office. Many game based movies such as House of the Dead‘ don’t even rate as enjoyable, by any means.

The notorious list of game-to-movie failures has not kept studios from attempting to find the formula that will grant them conversion success. Many games such as Prince of Persia have wonderful back stories that get mutilated, others such as Mortal Kombat had no storyline to begin with.

Sega is currently working with Stories International to adapt a series of their old titles. The ones currently in plan are Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Altered Beast, Crazy Taxi and Rise of Nightmares. A few of these titles I could see possibly developing storylines for, but others such as Crazy Taxi? I think they are crazy.

Crazy Taxi was one of the first open world racing games and it was fun, but there is absolutely no storyline. The objective of the game is to pick up customers and take them to their destination as quickly as possible while earning bonus points for various stunts. You would be better off making a movie based off the old TV series Taxi, than this game.


The other games at least have a plot and storyline that might have a chance to succeed. But only;

  • If they get a good writer
  • If they get a decent budget
  • If they get a good director
  • If they get a good producer
  • If they get good actors
  • If they get good marketing

That is a lot of IF’s in a volatile market with a fickle audience. All I can say is that at least they aren’t doing yet another remake of an old TV series.

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