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A Series of Unfortunate Events and Ungrateful Children

written by Robin Anderson November 5, 2016
Title screen for A Series of Unfortunate Events

Welcome back to your childhood, my friends! Netflix has finally released a trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events and it will get any fans heart racing.

For those who did not have the extraordinary experience of reading the books as a kid, then don’t worry! Netflix released this description that is definitely not slightly misleading in any way (wink wink).

“Meet the star of a new Netflix series telling the story of a very handsome actor and three selfish and ungrateful orphans who refuse to give him the enormous fortune their dead parents left behind”

Netflix has a fantastic track record of producing great T.V. shows, so we can sleep easy at night knowing that justice is being brought to the series. Even more so with the knowledge that the author of the series, Daniel Handler (pen name Lemony Snicket) is named executive producer.

I really hope that this new series will be more in line with the books than the 2004 movie with Jim Carry, even though it is only expected to have eight episodes for the first season.


Count Olaf, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny standing in a doorway to the attic

So far the cast is as follows:

Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf

Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket

Joan Cusack as Justice Strauss

Todd Freeman as Mr. Arthur Poe

Aasif Mandvi as Uncle Monty

Malina Weissman as Violet Baudelaire

Louis Hynes as Klaus Baudelaire

The casting is absolutely terrific in my opinion. So many recognizable names from a variety of different shows and movies such as How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, Toy Story, The Dark Knight, The Daily Show, and Supergirl, respectively, with Louis just starting off.


In case it has been a while, here is a brief reminder of who those characters were in the book series (minor spoilers below):

Main Characters

[tabs type=”horizontal”]
[tab_title]  Count Olaf  [/tab_title]
[tab_title]  Violet Baudelaire [/tab_title]
[tab_title]  Klaus Baudelaire [/tab_title]
[tab_title]  Sunny Baudelaire  [/tab_title]
[tab] Count Olaf is ‘their third cousin four times removed or their fourth cousin three times removed’, though no one is certain. It is due to this relation that he was given guardianship of the orphans after their parents ceased. He spends the series attempting to steal the fortune of the children through many elaborate means. [/tab]
[tab] Violet Baudelaire is the oldest at 14 years of age. She feels responsible for the safety and well-being of her younger siblings, especially since they both look up to her and largely depend on her. She has a wonderful knack for inventing items on the fly and under pressure. To assist her, she ties her hair up in a bow since she would hate to be distracted by ‘something so trivial’.[/tab]
[tab] Klaus Baudelaire is the middle child at age 12. He is considered the researcher and bookworm of the trio, and uses his photographic memory of said books to get the children out of impossible situations. [/tab]
[tab] Sunny Baudelaire is the infant sibling whose, in the beginning, only notable skill is biting. Oddly enough, this skill comes in handy throughout the series. Later when she can walk, she somehow develops a talent for cooking and uses this as much as she can. Due to her age, most of her communication is baby-talk, however towards the end, she does manage to put some more words together. In the books, the author, Lemony Snicket, tends to translate her baby-talk into more sophisticated sentences, which makes this character much more understood and lovable. [/tab]

Supporting Characters

[tabs type=”horizontal”]
[tab_title]  Lemony Snicket  [/tab_title]
[tab_title]  Justice Strauss  [/tab_title]
[tab_title]  Mr. Arthur Poe  [/tab_title]
[tab_title]  Uncle Monty  [/tab_title]
[tab]Lemony Snicket is the man who was once engaged to the mother of the Baudelaire orphans before a turn of events led him to be falsely accused of horrible things. Eventually, he was presumed dead and the orphans mother, Beatrice, moved on to marry their father. He feels a connection to the children and is writing down the experiences of the Baudelaire children, entitled, “The Series of Unfortunate Events”. [/tab]
[tab] Justice Strauss is Count Olaf’s neighbor in the first book. The children very much like her and her house and prefer to spend as much time there as they can. Strauss only appears in “The Bad Beginning” and “The Penultimate Peril” [/tab]
[tab] Mr. Arthur Poe is the banker who is responsible for both the Baudelaire fortune and the guardianship of the children. While he cares for the children, he does not listen to them and is all around regarded as vastly unhelpful. [/tab]
[tab] Uncle Monty, also known as Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, is the children’s caretaker in the second book, “The Reptile Room”. He is a herpetologist who the children absolutely adore living with until it is discovered that Monty’s new assistant, Stephano, is actually Olaf in disguise. [/tab]

This series will be on Netflix on January 13, 2017. If you are still nervous about it, then be sure to look for a review later! Also, if you would like to read the series with your children, if you are just so excited for it and need a fix, or if you need to point out every single difference between the series and the books, then you may buy the complete series on Amazon around $50 here!

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