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Set Photos from Inhumans Shows off Black Bolt and Pre-CG Lockjaw

written by Jordan Cobb March 6, 2017

With the main cast fully assembled, filming for Marvel’s Inhumans started in Honolulu, Hawaii over the weekend and some photos from the set of the ABC series gave us a first look at Anson Mount as lead character Black Bolt and our first glimpse of what adorably awesome Lockjaw will look like before being brought to life with post production CGI.

Black Bolt’s costume here is quite the departure from how he’s usually presented in his comic book appearances, but it does look good and compliments Anson Mount. We could see the full costume later on in the series, which I do hope for since I happen to really like Black Bolt’s costume a lot.

Lockjaw’s reference model is also noticeable, even though it’s covered under a blanket. But Lockjaw from what I see of that looks as big as you’d expect him to look given his size. Then the real argument of the year will start, who is more adorable, Baby Groot or Lockjaw? I also can’t imagine that thing will be easy to carry around from set to set.

Well we do have more than pictures from the set; we also have a video of the show being filmed.


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Marvel’s Inhumans premieres on ABC this fall on September 26.

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