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Branded Sex Cult Escapee Defends Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk

written by Dominic Gomez April 1, 2018
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We recently reported on a story about former Smallville cast members being part of a “sex cult” called NXIVM (pronounced Nexium). Allison Mack, who portrayed Chloe Sullivan in the CW show, is the subject of very horrific claims in what was referred to as the “inner circle” of that cult. Even more surprisingly, reports state that the person who introduced Mack to NXIVM was her Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk.

Denied Involvement

Over the last few days, Kreuk, who played Lana Lang in Smallville, has denied any involvement in the “inner circle” or in the recruitment of girls to serve as sex slaves. Kreuk posted a tweet denying her involvement. She didn’t deny being involved with the actual organization. However, she did deny any wrongdoing or even having knowledge of that fact. You can read the tweet in its entirety here:

In Kristin Kreuk’s Defense

Recently, someone came forward in defense of Kreuk. Her name is Sarah Edmondson. Sarah was a member of NXIVM and helped found the Vancouver chapter. A few months ago, the New York Times ran an article that included Sarah. In it, she went into detail about her involvement and even showed the brand she received as part of the process. Shortly after Kristin Kreuk tweeted her message, Sarah came to her defense. In Sarah’s tweet, she wants to make it clear that Kristin left the cult before “shit got weird”, as she puts it. Read her tweet here:

Personally, I really hope Kreuk had nothing to do with the horrible things that have come to light recently. I watched Smallville from beginning to end and she was one of my favorites while she was on the show. Do you think she is innocent of any wrongdoing? I touched on it a bit, but what do you think of Allison Mack’s involvement? Let us know in the comments how you feel about this whole situation.

Keep an eye on DHTG as we continue reporting developments as they unfold.

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