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Cast Your Votes For Sexiest Man Alive (Geek Edition)!

written by Quinzel Lee November 28, 2017
Steve Urkle from Family matters adjusting glasses

Hey Geeks, Geekettes, and Geekeronis! Unless you have been living under a rock, you know all about the Sexiest Man Alive controversy involving a certain person. This has made geeks and non-geeks alike going, “Hey, but what about [insert person here]?”

We hear you. So now is your time to really have your voices heard!

That’s right, we want you to cast your votes in a Sexiest Man Alive contest – the geek edition! The rules are… well there really aren’t any rules. Just click the button and vote for the nominees OR even write in a geeky man you feel is deserving.

Let’s take a moment and drool – I mean – learn about the nominees below:

Jason Momoa

aquaman sexiest man alive

Be honest, when you saw him coming out of the water, your heart stopped just a little bit. He is playing Aquaman in the superhero movie Justice League. Let’s just say that all of those “Aquaman sucks” jokes have been put to shame now.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans Sexiest man Alive

Defender of all things good and all things Bucky, Chris Evans as Captain America certainly gives us all a run for our money.

Mike Colton

Luke Cage sitting on a bench

It would be the sweetest Christmas ever if this man showed up on my doorstep! Mike Colton is the star of the Netflix series Luke Cage. It’s an amazing show that will also make you look at coffee a bit differently.

IDK, Not Blake Shelton Though

Maybe voting for someone based on their level of sex appeal was never your thing. However, you remain shocked to think that out of any celebrity, People chose Blake Shelton. Anyone else would suffice. You’ve seen sexier, especially in the geek realm!

Choose Your Own Sexiest Man Alive

You aren’t limited to just those four options. Tell us what you think! Give us your movie stars or your comic book characters. They don’t even necessarily need to be human! But if you find them savory and attractive, we want to know!

And don’t forget to tell us why you voted for your choice in the comments!

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